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Featuring BioBeans Biodynamic & Organic Coffee

Our Mission

The Liberation Food Company is regenerating our ecosystem by supporting Biodynamic farmers.   We are offering BioBeans Biodynamic coffee sourced from Peru and micro roasted in Providence, Rhode Island.


BioBeans Coffee

– Biodynamic & Organic Certifications in Process –

Directly sourced from a Peruvian Biodynamic food forest located 1,550 meters above sea level.  Shipped within 24 hours of micro roasting from Providence, Rhode Island.  Available as whole bean or ground specifically for drip or French press applications.

Save 50% until April:  4 bags for $10 each includes shipping

Notes of Chocolate, Caramel and Citrus Peel.  Exceptionally smooth and perfect for those who prefer to drink their coffee black. Excellent for drip and French press applications. 

Notes of Dark Chocolate, Cacao Creme, Molasses, and Nuts.  For chocolate lovers, this darkish roast offers a rich flavor while maintaining a smooth and low acid finish.


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