Our Journey

From Fitness to Regenerative Farming

I am Mike Liberatore, a proud father, former food activist and CrossFit gym owner. I started the Liberation Food Company to give our community the power to enhance our lives and ecosystem by consciously consuming food from regenerative farmers.

I have a passion for living vibrantly and helping people find better quality of life.  As we grow old, I hope to enjoy the natural world with my family.  However, I often wonder what the future holds for our planet?

When I was a CrossFit gym owner, I saw the direct connection between our health and food we consume.  As I looked deep into nutrition, I found the healthiest food comes from the healthiest environments.  The reciprocal connection was then made clear:  through our consumption we directly influence our environment while the environment directly influences us!  

As a former food activist in Rhode Island, I learned we just could not yell loud enough.  Our activism does not influence our legislators like corporate money.  However, where we spend our money makes a big difference.  We literally have incentivized companies to make products that harm our health and environment simply by buying them.  It became clear to me that I had to start a company to support Biodynamic and regenerative farmers who are helping to enhance our environment by going well beyond Organic.

So, I decided to invest into Biodynamic agriculture to procure the healthiest food for our lives and planet. I believe most consumers truly want to help impact the environment, but we need convenient solutions to drive agricultural change. 

As a father and entrepreneur, by the time I go shopping, I have little time and energy to read labels and research products on my phone. Biodynamic certification provides me with the trust I need to feel confident in my food.  

For humans who want to regenerate the environment, for conscious consumers who seek the healthiest food, and for our children who wish to enjoy our planet’s natural resources,

Support Biodynamic.

About BioBeans Coffee

100% Bio- Dynamic

Certified by Demeter International and Demeter USA.

Small Batch

Micro roasted in batches of 20 kgs or less.

Shade Grown

Grown in a thick biodiverse food forest at 1,550m.


We are constantly seek ways to improve our process and enhance the environment.

Farmer Direct

Sourced directly from the farmer to ensure trans-parency.

Made with Love

The entire process is performed by hand: from picking to roasting to delivery.

Our Team

I have been blessed to receive help from so many people to make this dream a reality.   In addition to my wife, father and late mother, who have stood behind me since the beginning, and our friends playing B-role actors and taste testers, I can not express enough gratitude for the help of Dave Counts who has relentlessly supported this launch with his photo, video and design work.